Monday, 28 November 2011

AGM Wrap

Last week’s AGM was a huge success.

120 Members , staff and volunteers heard Allan Vidor (President of JewishCare) gave an inspired speech about the difference that JewishCare makes to the lives of people in our community. Allan presented a plaque of appreciation to David and Shirley Lowy from The Chai Foundation for their ongoing support as well as flowers to the current Patron of JewishCare (and previous President) Eva Fischl OAM.

The Treasurer Lawrence Myers’ address noted that thanks to careful cost control and ongoing support from government, The Claims Conference, JCA and donors JewishCare is well placed to respond to the future needs of the community.

Allan thanked his fellow Board members for their great commitment to JewishCare and drew attention to the dedicated staff and volunteers.

Board members presented awards to 12 staff members and 15 volunteers for their great work during the year.

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