Thursday, 9 February 2012

Falls Prevention and ageing well

Did you know?

  • Falling is not a normal part of ageing – falls can be prevented.
  • Only a small number of falls are caused by tripping, slipping or "not being careful" – most are the result of health or lifestyle factors.
  • One in three people aged 65 years or over will fall each year. 

Steps to Stay On Your Feet®:

There are 9 steps to staying on your feet. Look at all the steps and then focus on those parts that relate to you, your lifestyle, independence and environment. 

Make a personal action plan to help you stay mobile and independent. You can prevent falls before they happen:

 - Be active
 - Manage your medicines
 - Manage your health
 - Improve your balance
 - Walk tall
 - Foot care and safe footwear
 - Regularly check your eyesight
 - Eat well for life
 - Identify, remove and report hazards

WA is promoting healthy ageing and care Stay On Your Feet® Week 9-15 September 2012 with resources and guides on their website.
If you live in WA you can attend an event in your area.

The Department of Health and Ageing has resources, news, guides and support for ageing well and looking after yourselves and your health -


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