Thursday, 1 March 2012

Managing Arthritis - Diet and Joint Protection!

Arthritis Australia ( )states that as the population ages, the number of people with arthritis is growing and that judging from current, by 2050, 7 million Australians will suffer from some form of arthritis. 

Arthritis is not yet curable. While the condition is usually manageable, it invariably impacts on a individual’s quality of life.  One way of managing arthritis is to follow Joint Protection techniques i.e. respect pain, do not place your joints into positions which can increase deformity, try to carry most weight through the strongest joints, do not keep still but regularly change your position and keep active/moving and if necessary use adaptive equipment. 

If you want to trial any adaptive equipment to assist with joint protection contact the Independent Living Centre NSW on (02) 9890 0940 or visit them at 1 Fennell Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150.
Their website is

Diet has been linked to arthritis. Follow the link to find out how the right diet can help those living with arthritis

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