Monday, 30 April 2012

Move to new building

The long awaited move to the new headquarters of JewishCare is now only a matter of months away.
We are on track to begin moving around June /July this year and what a difference it will make to the organisation and the entire community.
For the first time ever all JewishCare office based staff will be in the one purpose built building. Even better the building is in the heart of our community, Bondi Junction.
Of course much of JewishCare's most valuable work will always take place outside of an office environment, often in a clients home or in a community setting and this will continue but our field staff will be even more efficiently supported.
The members of the community who have made this development possible through their generous donations will be specially honoured with a unique wall of hands in the entrance of the new building.  

View from the top level

View from Saber St

View from corner Newland and Saber St

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The mind’s hidden secrets

Dr Helena Popovic provides tips for switching on the brain,  improving one's focus and memory recall.

Dr Helena Popovic worked with her father to improve his quality of life.

Among the list of activities Dr Popovic encouraged her father to join are:
  • Juggling
  • Playing darts
  • Social Activities at a Men’s Shed  - for more info on Men's sheds -
  • Line-dancing
  • French lessons
  • Volunteering 
  • Swimming once or twice a week
  • Attending the opera or ballet about once a month
The Burger Centre in Randwick provides activities and programs to improve the quality of life for seniors in the community. For more information contact  02 8345 9147 or email

The benefits of participating in challenging activities will : 

• Strengthen the brain
• Improve focus
• Help with memory recall
• Give a sense of worth and well being
• Give a sense of purpose
• Provide a healthy brain
• Improve physically, socially and mentally” active life.

JewishCare's Aged Team recommends that you think of activities outside your comfort zone.

Why not take on Hula Hooping, Kite-Flying or Croquet?


Monday, 23 April 2012

JewishCare can help you Live Longer Live Better

The Federal Government's initiative (Living Longer, Living Better) to help older Australians appears to be be step in the right direction. Although full details are not yet available the changes which will provide more support and care at home, greater choice of in home services received, more support for dementia and increased recognition of carers and those from culturally diverse backgrounds are issues JewishCare supports.
JewishCare is the only Jewish provider in NSW who has government aged care at home packages, currently (67 CACP and 5 EACH).
JewishCare also has an extensive range of Friendship Clubs for the active older members of the community as well as special support for Holocaust Survivors including help in accessing Restitution claims.
For more information about how JewishCare can help older members of the community to remain living in their own homes call 1300 133 660 or click

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Yom Hashoah

 'Yom Hashoah' - Holocaust Remembrance Day -

"We know that whilst we do not have the ability to change the past, we can change the future.

We know that whilst we cannot bring the dead back to life, we can ensure their memories live on and that their deaths were not in vain. 

And so, on this Yom HaShoah, we commit ourselves to one simple act: Yizkor, Remember." Chief Rabbi Sacks (read his full prayer -

Poster for the national Yom Hashoah ceremony -

Thursday, 12 April 2012

You really are what you eat

Dr Michael Colgan, shares some practical tips for prolonging physical health and preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Is your diet really giving your body what it needs?

Jewish care aged team recommends you assess your eating habits to make sure your diet is providing your body and brain with food that will nurture it.

Our team loves to learn about the benefits of eating particular foods and how they can improve our health.

There are so many benefits to eating nutritious unprocessed food or food with very little modern intervention, we may see benefits with:

• Brain function - assists with  memory

• Emotional health

• Energy levels

• Immune system

• Help balance or decrease weight

• lowers cholesterol levels

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Pesach

Congratulations to Jewish Care Community Aged Servies and Club 50 for the Pre-Pesach Seder Celebration held on Tuesday the 3rd of April 2012.

There was entertainment, dancing, singing, delicious food and every one had a wonderful time celebrating the upcoming Pesach holidays.

Wishing you all a very Happy Pesach and enjoy the long weekend!

Rabbi Freedman

Monday, 2 April 2012

Holidays can be a laugh

Holiday times can be difficult for those people in the community who are isolated. 
There is no need to be alone at this time of year. Many organisations and individuals would be honoured to invite you to join them for first or second night Seder ( 6th and 7th April).
Please call your local Synagogue or Temple Emanuel 93287833, Central Synagogue 93895622 or South Head Synagogue 93717300.
Also as usual JewishCare's FirstCall telephone is staffed 8am - 10pm 7 Days a Week. FirstCall JewishCare1300 133 660.
If you are already a client of JewishCare please contact your case manager who can advise the best options for the holiday period.

If you want to laugh have a look at one of the funniest videos I have seen. Wishing you a happy Matzah eating week.