Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tai Chi for seniors

Tai Chi is a very gentle effective exercise that is not strenuous or needing great flexibility to preform. It has been shown to be extremely effective in:

• Slowing the effects of ageing
• Increasing balance
• Reducing falls
• Providing relaxation to reduce stress
• Improving co-ordination
• Providing body strength
• Improving posture
• Increasing mental alertness

The Burger Centre offers a range of programs for seniors including Tai-Chi, Hydro-Cise, Strength & Balance and Feldenkrais Method classes   - for  more information contact The Burger Centre


Thursday, 24 May 2012

So what are the secrets to living a happier life as one ages?

Louise Turner, a PhD psychology candidate and the University of Wollongong are conducting a study on Unlocking the secrets to living a happier life in older age -

So what are the secrets to living a happier life as one ages?

Researchers are investigating healthy ageing by examining age and illness beliefs in people over 55 years of age.

The study is looking at a range of psychological aspects of a person that helps them to cope with the ageing process and illness, enabling them to live more fulfilled and happy lives as they get older.

The study will look at a broad range of factors that may be linked to more positive beliefs including:

• social support

• coping styles

• personality

• religiosity

• mood

• attitudes

Ms Turner said establishing how beliefs about age and illness work are important because it will contribute to our understanding about what non-medical factors help people to reduce stress and anxiety, and to achieve a higher quality of life.

“It will also improve the ways in which we manage the psychological health care needs of older people,” she said.

Louise Turner said there was compelling evidence that peoples core beliefs were linked to a range of psychological and other health outcomes. It's about people who are actually having more fulfilled lives and thriving into older age
For more information about this study or to register your interest, contact Louise Turner on 4221 4164 or email

In order to be eligible for the study; people must be over 55 and have no, or negligible, cognitive impairment.

The Aged Care Team and case workers enhance positive thinking, promote social and active support and provide strategies for seniors to stay connected in the community and to live a long, healthy  and active life within their homes.

If you'd like to know more about our services call 1300 133 660 or email


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week 14-20 May 2012
'Volunteers - Every One Counts'

National Volunteer Week (NVW) is the largest celebration of volunteers and volunteerism in Australia, and provides an opportunity to highlight the role of volunteers in our communities and to say thank you to the more than 6.1 million Australians who volunteer.

Australian volunteers are essential to society, and many charities would struggle to survive without the support of their volunteers. Australian volunteers contribute more than 700 million hours of community service to so many areas of society, including community health care, heritage and arts, environment conservation, emergency services, education, social justice and sports. NVW provides a platform to pay tribute to these volunteers who donate their time and energy to help others. 

National Volunteer Week (NVW) begins the Monday after Mothers Day in May each year - 14th to 20th May 2012. 

The NVW website will provide you with all the information you need to celebrate NVW whether you are a volunteer, volunteer organisation, or a corporate organisation seeking ways to help recognise and thank employees who are also volunteers.

During National Volunteer Week The Board and Staff of JewishCare wish to express our appreciation and gratitude and to thank the 500 dedicated volunteers who provide such invaluable support to our clients.

If you would like more information about volunteering for JewishCare and the roles available please contact FirstCall 1300 133 660 or email

Monday, 14 May 2012

Grief and Loss Workshop

For many years JewishCare has provided a program to help people to cope with grief and loss.

Over the last 20 years JewishCare’s Chessed Bereavement Support program has helped dozens of people come to grips with what for most people is their worst nightmare.

On 31 May 9:30 – 4:30 at Waverley Library Theatrette, 32 Denison St, Bondi Junction, JewishCare is holding a Grief Loss and Bereavement Workshop featuring some leading practitioners in the field.

The Topics will include:

·         What is Grief and Loss
·         Building a Link between the Living and The Lost
·         Building a Continuing Bond between the Living and the Lost
·         Life after Everyone’s Worst Nightmare: Working with Bereaved Parents, families and Children
·         Disenfranchised Grief: What happens when we or others negate our rights to Sadness?
·         The Medicalisation of Sadness: Differentiating between Sadness and Depression
·         The Mindful way through Grief: Dealing with loss in the Here and Now

If you want to attend or want more information contact Des Kahn on 9302 8017 or

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Curbing loneliness

Do you ever feel like you need to get out and about more often?

Ms Hendy  CEO of Victoria’s Council on Ageing  recently discussed the importance of communities creating opportunities for elderly people to connect in their community.

Ms Hendy spoke about ways built environment’s disadvantage the elderly people and ways for us to maintain and build relationships.

She insists that “living alone is not the same as being lonely”.“I think we have to make sure we don’t get confused and ensure we focus on quality of relationships as being important.”
She says it is vital to “recognise the importance of friendships, including maintain existing ones and creating new ones”.

JewishCare aged services team recommends you enquire and find out what is available in your area.

JewishCare has many more interesting friendships clubs and programs throughout Sydney

Monday, 7 May 2012

Our Services

As the move to the new building approaches it is opportune to reflect on all the services that JewishCare provides.
With over 160 staff and 500 volunteers JewishCare helps:
  • The elderly to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible. JewishCare has funded care packages as well as JCare which is the most cost efficient way of sourcing private carers
  • People with a disabilities or mental health issues to be active and connected members of the community
  • Those who are vulnerable or in crisis to have a place to call to get help.
JewishCare helps in a number of ways:
  • Providing practical support
  • Building social connections
  • Providing information, advice and referral (FirstCall JewishCare) based on assessment and planning
  • Supporting people to acquire skills that will help them to lead better lives
The new purpose built facility will enable JewishCare to carry out all of these services more effectively.
Also its physical position in the heart of our community will make more people aware of our presence and ensure people in need will know where to go for assistance.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The benefits of companion animal ownership for the elderly


Pets can provide valuable love and support during our later years.

The reliable and unconditional companionship animals provide is so important to many people's lives thus viewing them as part of the family.

Pets have been shown to greatly increase quality of life for elderly people including:
  • Reduced tension
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Reduced Confusion
  • Increased feelings of enthusiasm, interest and inspiration
  • Creates possibilities for social contact
  • Support when coping with grief
  • Reduced feelings of isolation
  • Improved well being 
  • Regular exercise
  • Companionship and a sense of belonging 
  • Increased feelings of self-worth
  • Overall improvement of general health
Many nursing homes and care facilities residents benefit when volunteers bring their animals in for a few hours as it lifts people's spirits.

The Power of Pets - The benefits of companion animal ownership -