Thursday, 24 May 2012

So what are the secrets to living a happier life as one ages?

Louise Turner, a PhD psychology candidate and the University of Wollongong are conducting a study on Unlocking the secrets to living a happier life in older age -

So what are the secrets to living a happier life as one ages?

Researchers are investigating healthy ageing by examining age and illness beliefs in people over 55 years of age.

The study is looking at a range of psychological aspects of a person that helps them to cope with the ageing process and illness, enabling them to live more fulfilled and happy lives as they get older.

The study will look at a broad range of factors that may be linked to more positive beliefs including:

• social support

• coping styles

• personality

• religiosity

• mood

• attitudes

Ms Turner said establishing how beliefs about age and illness work are important because it will contribute to our understanding about what non-medical factors help people to reduce stress and anxiety, and to achieve a higher quality of life.

“It will also improve the ways in which we manage the psychological health care needs of older people,” she said.

Louise Turner said there was compelling evidence that peoples core beliefs were linked to a range of psychological and other health outcomes. It's about people who are actually having more fulfilled lives and thriving into older age
For more information about this study or to register your interest, contact Louise Turner on 4221 4164 or email

In order to be eligible for the study; people must be over 55 and have no, or negligible, cognitive impairment.

The Aged Care Team and case workers enhance positive thinking, promote social and active support and provide strategies for seniors to stay connected in the community and to live a long, healthy  and active life within their homes.

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