Friday, 15 June 2012

Do you need help getting to the shops?

Holdsworth Community Centre and Services provides support to older people living at home


They provide a variety of shopping services to support peoples individual needs

1. The Community Links Assisted Shopping Program
They will link a volunteer with someone who wants to go shopping but requires extra assistance and friendly support. 

2. Shopping Bus
Offers a door to door bus service to either Bondi Junction or Edgecliff shopping centres.This is perfect for older people who can do their own shopping independently but have difficulty using public transport.

3. Individual (LIST) Shopping Service
This service support people who can't do there own shopping for health or medical reasons. They will collect your shopping list and organise delivery.

4. Individual Transport to medical appointments

Holdsworth Community Centre and Services provides a lot of others programs so visit the following links for more information.
Some activities may incur a fee, require a doctors certificate or may only run in certain areas.

The Aged Casework Team at JewishCare like community programs that support older  people to continue living at home. 


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