Thursday, 30 August 2012

How to use eye drops effectively

Sometimes eye drops can be tricky to insert!

Glaucoma Australia recently informed 'The Aged Casework Team' that a lot of people don't realise that they are not applying their eye drops in the most effective and safe way.
 Glaucoma Australia provides:
  • Simple steps to instill eye drops
  • Education and safety measures to follow
  • Home remedies and much more

Make sure you get the most out of your eye drops!

You can also contact Glaucoma Australia on 1800 50 0880 for a copy of their brochure 'What You Should Know About Eye Drops'.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Rosh Hashana gifts

One of the first public events in our new Community Centre is the Print35 Design Studio's sale of Rosh Hashana gifts

There is a great range of products across all price ranges so please come along and

Call 93020231 If you want to attend or want more information - check out Print35's Facebook page for info about all their products -

Friday, 24 August 2012

Mezuzahs at Fischl

Rabbi Moss fixed Mezuzahs onto 10 doors at JewishCare's new Community Centre - Fischl House.
Front door
Print35 Design Studio

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Know your medicines

Do you have a medication checklist or know someone who would benefit from having one?


The following checklist will help you keep track of your prescriptions/medicines and inform other professionals of what you are taking.

This checklist clearly outlines your medications, the amount which needs to be taken, what the medication is for, frequency and dose, special instructions, date which you started taking the medicine or to see a doctor to review -
 We think this is an extremely valuable tool to have at your fingertips, which can be filled in by yourself, your doctor or one of our aged care workers and reviewed at any time. This can also be scanned or printed.

For more information about keeping a medicine/s checklist  -

Don't forget to keep this list with you at all times. It's to fit into a pocket/wallet or in a handbag and use this list every time you visit a medical professional, specialist or doctor.
There is also an App - for you to download on iTunes.

The Aged Casework Team works closely with seniors in our community and we closely monitor medicine intake and medical care. 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Meet the Teams

Now we're in the heart of our community right across from Bondi Junction station (corner Newland Street and Saber Streets) please drop in and see us.

You can stop in to our Print35 Design Studio and pick up some stationery or a gift for an upcoming festival or Shabbat.


On Fridays, the Mental Health Team has art classes and choir rehearsals in the Community Lounge. From Monday to Thursday the Lounge is used by Club 50 which is a social group for Holocaust Survivors and their friends.

Part of the Aged Care Team

Part of Child Family and Community Team

Or you can come up to reception and discuss how JewishCare may be able to help you.

If you'd like to join our 500 volunteers  there are always opportunties for you to make a difference in our community.

This move marks a new chapter in the 77 year history of JewishCare.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Have you heard of The National Relay Service?

Are you or do you know someone who is deaf, have a hearing or speech impairment? If so the following service may be able to help.

National Relay Service supporting people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment.

The National Relay Service (NRS) provides a phone solution for people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment.

The National Relay Service uses specially trained staff called relay officers who work in a call centre and act as a ‘relay’ between you and the person you are calling. If your hearing is impaired, for instance, the relay officer types the other person’s responses so you can read them.

The service is available 24 hours a day.

A National Relay Service trainer can show you how to use the service and the equipment you need to make calls. It’s easy to learn and in no time you’ll be able to make a relay call, without having to rely on friends or relatives to make calls for you.

Most calls through the National Relay Service cost about the same as a local call. International and 1900 calls require a special account, which you can set up through their Helpdesk -

Using the National Relay Service:
There are several ways in which the National Relay Service can help you make a call when you have a speech or hearing impairment. In most cases, you’ll need either access to the internet or a special phone called a TTY.

A TTY is a phone with a keyboard and a small display screen for text. It allows you to type your message or conversation and to read what is being said in reply.

For more information:
Contact the NRS -  Monday–Friday (9am–5pm Sydney time)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

We've Finally Moved!

We have finally moved into our new community centre in Newland Street, cnr Saber Street, Woollahra

All of JewishCare’s staff are now in the one building to be known as Fischl House including Print35 which has a shop front location on Newland. 

Everyone in the community is welcome to visit. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Falls can be prevented!

A few simple steps can prevent many falls

Stay on your feet® – your home safety checklist - by NSW Health looks at safety in and around your home -

The checklist looks at different areas in your home and provides simple and effective suggestions to improve the safety of your home.
The checklist also provides actions for you to take to make sure your home is safe inside and out.
Topics covered are: floor, lighting ,stairs, steps, ladder, bathroom and toilet, kitchen, lounge room, bedroom, clothing , foot wear and walking aids.The aged case work team has seen the benefit of wearing supportive shoes and
checking the type of foot wear you wear!

It’s up to YOU to take steps to prevent a fall.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Become a Member of JewishCare

It is again time to renew your membership of JewishCare or for those who are not currently members this is your opportunity to become members of JewishCare. We have sent out renewal forms to our database so if please send these back as soon as possible. The cost of membership remains at a very reasonable $11 pa per person.
If you prefer you can join / renew on-line

Please notify us if your contact details have changed. Contact firstcall on 1300 133 660 or

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Have you heard of Computer Pals?

Do you have a loved one who doesn’t know how to use a computer or has very little knowledge?

Computer Pals for Seniors may be able to help you or some one you know!

Computer Pals For Seniors is a voluntary organisation which was formed in August 1999. All Committee members and Tutors are volunteers.

The aim of the Association is to help seniors with computer training and skills. The tutors are seniors and because of this they understand the needs of seniors.

From March 2011 they have a regular meeting once every three months.

Their meetings endeavour to have a guest speaker to talk on matters relating to seniors. When a speaker is not available they give a demonstration on the different programs taught.

Computer Pal classes and meeting are held in a variety of venues in the Eastern Suburbs Sydney.
  • Waverley Library in Bondi Junction
  • E.J Ward Centre for Seniors in Paddington
  • The Mill Hill Center Bondi Junction
For more information or to enrol phone: 02 8212 5734