Thursday, 23 August 2012

Know your medicines

Do you have a medication checklist or know someone who would benefit from having one?


The following checklist will help you keep track of your prescriptions/medicines and inform other professionals of what you are taking.

This checklist clearly outlines your medications, the amount which needs to be taken, what the medication is for, frequency and dose, special instructions, date which you started taking the medicine or to see a doctor to review -
 We think this is an extremely valuable tool to have at your fingertips, which can be filled in by yourself, your doctor or one of our aged care workers and reviewed at any time. This can also be scanned or printed.

For more information about keeping a medicine/s checklist  -

Don't forget to keep this list with you at all times. It's to fit into a pocket/wallet or in a handbag and use this list every time you visit a medical professional, specialist or doctor.
There is also an App - for you to download on iTunes.

The Aged Casework Team works closely with seniors in our community and we closely monitor medicine intake and medical care. 

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