Monday, 26 November 2012

White Ribbon Day Men's Breakfast

Now in its 5th year JewishCare’s White Ribbon Day Men's (WRD) Breakfast continues to raise awareness about domestic violence and importantly to ensure men pledge to impress on their friends and associates how wrong domestic violence is.  

Domestic violence is not purely physical violence, it can be psychological/emotional, financial or social.  At any one time JewishCare is supporting around 12 families, invariably women  who are experiencing domestic violence.

WRD is the first day of the JewishCare initiative, 16 Days 16 Rabbis 16 Synagogues in which the Rabbonim commit to tell their congregations about the community scourge that is domestic violence.

125 attendees packed into the Vidor Family Community Lounge to hear an address by keynote speaker Heath Ducker pictured with JewishCare President Allan Vidor and JCA President Peter Philippsohn.

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