Monday, 10 December 2012

Last Week's News at JewishCare

Media Release from JewishCare National Disability Insurance Scheme

On 6th December The Australian and New South Wales governments reached an historic agreement that will allow for the full roll out of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in New South Wales by July 2018.

The agreement will provide care and support to around 140,000 NSW residents with significant disability, and provide coverage in the event of disability to around one third of the Australian population.

It will provide peace of mind to people with a disability, their families and carers, and to the Australians who will unexpectedly face misfortune in the future.

JewishCare’s Chief Executive Officer Claire Vernon said “As the community’s leading provider of disability and mental health services JewishCare is highly supportive of the scheme, which has the potential to make a substantial difference to the lives of our service users and their families and carers“

JewishCare has a range of programs that support 140 members of the community with a disability and a further 180 with mental health issues.   

“Not only will the NDIS provide additional urgently needed funds, but its person centred approach means families can design and create the supports which they want. JewishCare has already run a number of workshops for families to help them through this infortant process. We want the community to know that JewishCare provides high quality and culturally sensitive support and we aim to be the provider of choice” Claire said.
Domestic Violence
Last Friday there was a domestic violence stall in Bondi Junction Mall. Each year JewishCare supports over 25 women and children who are experiencing domestic violence.
For more information regarding Family Support Services please contact 1300 133 665



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