Thursday, 13 December 2012

Looking for something unusual to do over this holiday season?

The Aged Care Team has come up with some interesting and unusual activities for you to do over the holiday season.

We've come up with both free and paid activities for you you try out and have fun over the Summer! 

The Aged Care Team believes that taking on a new challenge is great for your wellbeing and will help keep your brain active.

Candle Making -
Learn all the basics of candlemaking - so wax, palm wax and and beeswax are used -
The Lego Colesseum

The Colosseum

The largest ever LEGO model of Rome's famous Colosseum is now on exhibition at the Nicholson Museum. A quarter of a million bricks were used in construction put together by 10,000 slaves working for architect and LEGO Certified Professional Ryan 'Vitruvius' McNaught.

The model is the centrepiece of an exhibition about Rome's largest surviving building from the great days of its Empire. The exhibition will also include sculpture and coins of the Emperors, as well as artefacts used in daily life by the ordinary Roman who enjoyed 100 days of holiday and games when the original Colosseum opened in 80 AD.
Ghost Tour
Take an adventure -
It's a surreal evening and a chance for you to experience the history of The Rocks.

Korean Cinema
Why not try something completely different and attend a Korean film night - Thursdays at 6:30pm -

Dressing Sydney - The Jewish Fashion Story Exhibition

These questions and more are answered in a new exhibition to celebrate the Museum’s 20th Anniversary Dressing Sydney: The Jewish Fashion Story gives Sydney a look into the Schmatte trade (an affectionate Yiddish term for rags or clothing). With over 100 contributors, the exhibition will be brought to life through recollections, rare photographs, garments and accessories. The exhibition runs until the end of 2013


Some free things for you to do:
  • Teach yourself how to knit
  • Teach yourself how to play darts (Try at local pub)
  • Brain Puzzles/ Crosswords
  • Visit the library
  • Meet your neighbours
  • Teach yourself origami.
  • Borrow a manual on how to yoga from the library and try it for the first time.
  • Call a family member or a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Press flowers or leaves
  • Write a letter to your future children or grandchildren.

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