Thursday, 10 January 2013

Aqua Aerobics: Why to include water aerobics within your life

Aqua Aerobics also known as Water Aerobics is a form of physical fitness training which includes exercises performed in swimming pools with chest high water as well as special equipment if needed.

Aqua Aerobics is a low impact aqua fitness program for all abilities. It provides a full cardio work-out without joint stress. It's great for recovery and re-introduction to exercise. It is ideal for all ages and fitness levels. Most centres also offer pryme-movers aqua for mature adults.

These instructor led classes are beneficial for all.


Aim:Exercising without having to feel the weight of your body and your age is a great and revitalising experience.

Aged Case Work recommend Aqua Aerobics classes for seniors as it is a lower intensity exercise, it provides support for people after a surgery or an injury, it builds muscle tone and is a great starting point if you have not exercised before.

Check out Eastern Sydney Physical Activity Directory for great exercise classes for Adults 55+

They list some Aqua Aerobics classes in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and lists some other activities you may be interested in.
You can start with a simple beginner’s class in a nice and friendly social atmosphere to get a great overall improved physical fitness.

The Burger Centre offers a range of programs for seniors including Hydro-Cise, Tai-Chi, Strength & Balance and Feldenkrais Method classes - for more information contact The Burger Centre

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