Friday, 11 January 2013

Make Healthy Social Connections

Social Inclusion is an integral part in the mental health of an individual. This is relevant to all members of society. Social inclusion can relate to the interaction that one has with friends and family, maintaining employment and economic wellbeing.
Examples of good social connection include undertaking education, hobbies, art and dance, physical exercise and social relationships. Engagement in society allows an individual to have a sense of purpose, a feeling of safety and security and building hope for the future.

The recovery framework includes working on the broader aspect of what the issue can bring to an individual. It can include the increased sense of isolation and the stigma that surrounds it.
The recovery process from mental health issue towards engagement and functioning in society is a complex one and mental health professionals need to work with the individual in identifying both medical and social needs and goals.

To find out more about social inclusion and the importance of social connection, refer to this literature regarding studies on social inclusion within mental health -

Our Mental Health Team has a range of activities and programs to assist someone who feels socially isolated. Our team offers weekly art and dance classes, a coffee group or even learn about computers plus more!
If you have any further questions how Jewish Care can assist someone with a mental health issue, please contact intake on 1300 133 660.

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