Thursday, 31 January 2013

Plan a balanced diet and keep on moving!

The Healthy Living Pyramid by Nutrition Australia is a great example of the differences in quantities/amounts we should be eating of the different food groups.

Nutrition Australia provides useful information to help educated Australians on ways to improve their health.

This simple but effective picture outlines the foods we should be eating the most, eating in moderation and what we should eat in small amounts.

The pyramid represents food from the core food groups only. It shows meat, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, bread, cereals, vegetables, legumes, fruit and milk.

Four important points outlined by Nutrition Australia are to:
  • Minimise your fat intake
  • Make sure you are getting your adequate daily fibre intake
  • Limit salt your salt intake
  • Make sure you are drinking a sufficient amount of water
Some tips to make your food more interesting:
  • Use herbs and spices to add flavour to your meals
  • Try using different food combinations
  • Check out new recipes
The Pyramid encourages food variety and a diet of minimum fat, adequate fibre, limited salt and sufficient water which is balanced with physical activity.
The ‘Move More' base of the Pyramid shows moving legs to remind us that physical activity is an essential part of the energy balance equation that should be combined with healthy eating.
The Aged Case Work Team recommends keeping a balanced diet and adding some exercise into your day, even a short walk can can do your health and mind a world of difference.
Why not check out Nutrition Australia’s recipes for some healthy meal options and ideas -

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