Thursday, 17 January 2013

Take the stress out of taking medication!

As we age we often find ourselves needing more types of medications at varied times through the day.

People often forget to take their medication or can be unsure if they have already taken their medication for the day.

To take the confusion and stress out of taking medications The Aged Case Work Team recommends using Webster Pak’s to keep your medications organised and under control.

 Benefits of using a Webster Pak:

·         Provides a visible reminder to take medication
·         Easy to check to see whether medication has been taken or not
·         Sealed and secure to prevent spills or mix ups
·         Suitable for all age groups
·         Receive service from your pharmacist
·         Convenient, portable and cost effective

It’s just a better way to organise medications, look after ones' health and  to stay independent.

Pop into your pharmacy with your script/s and ask for a Webster Pak (also known as a blister pak)



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