Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Thoughts on Leadership

JewishCare is proud of its leadership role in our community. As the organisation that helps 1 in 10 members of the community each year JewishCare is acutely aware of its responsibility to the community.
Recently there has been considerable discussion about the different motivations and career paths of leaders in the Non For Propfit  (NFP) Sector as opposed to those in the Corporate world.  An argument has been proposed that  NFP leaders embark on that path because they are committed to a mission not the art of management while in the corporate world many aspire leadership positions and move between industries in pursuit of the best roles.
One renowned authority on leadership is Dee Hock, Visa Card founder. He believed ultimately what determines an organisation’s performance is the approach leaders take. Some of his leadership principles involve;

Associates: Hire and promote on the basis of integrity first, motivation second
Employ Yourself : Never hire or promote in your own image

Leadership: If you look to lead invest 40% of your time managing yourself – your ethics, character etc
How many of Dee’s principles do you apply in your daily life?  Look at this slide show

To ensure our community leaders have access to leadership training JewishCare is holding its annual staff development day next week and one major topic will relate to leadership.

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