Thursday, 7 February 2013

Have you heard of Love Food Hate Waste?

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is an independent authority responsible for leading business and the community to improve their environmental performance and for managing waste to deliver a healthy environment. The EPA regulates and responds to activities that can impact on the health of the NSW environment and its people.

Love Food Hate Waste was designed to help people find ways to reduce their food waste, cut costs, and look after the environment. They provide tips, ideas and resources to help people achieve their goal.

EPA NSW provided a Weekly Menu Planner to help people organise what they are going to cook and record what they need to buy.

Some benefits of using the Menu Planner:
  • Helps reduce food waste
  • Can help you save time and money
  • Fewer trips to the supermarket (or other shops) 
  • Less impulse spending
  • Use leftovers more efficiently
  • More likely to use up previously purchased items in cupboards/ fridge or freezer

Everyone can benefit from a Menu Plan – and it is really easy to get started.

To help you get started with your menu plan, check out a range of recipes from
Go for 2&5® and CSIRO, these recipes are published by NSW Health in the ‘Healthy Food Fast’ cookbook.

Have a look at an example of the Healthy Food Fast Cookbook for meal ideas and a shopping list for the week -click on the link for a PDF which you can print and stick on your fridge as an example.

You might like to include your other favourite recipes too.

The Aged Case Work Team recommends using a menu/shopping plan while shopping to assist with weekly purchases and to help us reduce waste.

This plan can be used even if you don't cook or have reduced your cooking at home.

If you receive Meals on Wheels or purchase microwavable meals from your supermarket; you can record the different meals you will eat each night or if a friend or family member drops you off dinner on a particular night of the week - use the plan to keep updated on the food items you need to buy and what food you plan or need to eat from week to week.

Even if we don't buy a lot of food we still have some important items we need from the supermarket, chemist or other shops. So use the menu planner to budget all your weekly purchases!

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