Monday, 4 March 2013

Latest News on Ageing

Ageing and Memory Loss Information Evening
Ageing and memory loss is one the most discussed and often misunderstood issues associated with the ageing process.
Is your parent’s memory not as good as it was?
Have your parents been diagnosed with dementia?
Not sure what to do next

Come to Burger Centre 120 King Street Randwick on Monday 22 April at 7.30PM
For more information call 8345 9223

JewishCare working with other providers of aged services
With limited community resources available it is important that all providers in our community work together to avoid unnecessary duplication of services.

JewishCare has been working with COA and Burger Centre to provide information to older members of the community to ensure they are aware of what activities are being offered throughout the week.  Thousands of copies of last year’s Calendar of Senior Activities from Sunday to Friday were distributed and we plan to do the same again this year. These will be available online and in hard copy.   

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