Tuesday, 19 March 2013


The need for the change to the disability sector was identified and reported through a Productivity Commission inquiry about care and support for a person with disability.

The inquiry report described the current disability support system as "underfunded, unfair, fragmented and inefficient". Therefore, recommended the establishment of a new, improved system, the NDIS in 2012.

The Federal government have taken the initiative to implement the recommendations of the report, allocating a one billion dollar budget.

The underpinning principals of the NDIS are to create a Person Centred support system which in turn will empower people with disability to make choices for their own lives now and in the future.
The new system will run collaboratively with state governments offering a consistent and fair support system across Australia.
In reality this means that people with disability and their families will have control over their funding and will be able to choose what services they would like to utilise. The supported living fund will enable this to happen. This was rolled out at the beginning of 2012 and 100 individuals have been allocated funding. The next allocation will be mid of 2013.

This will have no impact on support staff but will give individuals and their family the opportunity to really take control over their lives!!

For more information on the NDIS - http://www.ndis.gov.au/

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