Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Challenging Assumptions and Changing Lives

This amazing YouTube clip shows how Carly Fleischmann, who has never spoken, had been diagnosed with severe autism and intellectual disability (called 'mental retardation' in America, as referred to in the clip). 

In 2009, Carly defied all expectations. She astonished her doctors and therapists by sitting at a computer one afternoon and typing about how she felt and what her world is like.

Her parents thought they would never communicate with their daughter. Yet suddenly, their relationship opened up as Carly was able to express herself and explain her seemingly inappropriate behaviours. 

Carly has written a book about her journey called Carly's Voice and she also communicates with a wide range of people on Facebook and on Twitter.
Carly's Voice is changing the world of Autism.

Watch this short clip and allow your assumptions about intellectual disability and autism to be challenged. 


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