Monday, 29 April 2013

Genesis II

Thanks to a generous donation from Diane Burger and her family, made in memory of David Burger AM,  a bronze sculpture has now been permanently installed in our foyer.

Carol Lehrer Crawford, the artist explained the significance of the work:
“My parents (Leon and Genia Lehrer) were Holocaust survivors who gave me an appreciation of how precious life is as well as the importance of family and community.

The 3 pieces of the sculpture must be interlocked otherwise they will fall to the ground. This is a metaphor for life as well as the support that JewishCare provides to the community”. 

Diane Burger said, “Carol’s work, ‘Genesis II’, struck a chord within me. The smooth tactile surface, what it represented to her and the interlocking pieces that alone were nothing, but together form a strong, solid whole. JewishCare is an intrinsic and important part of our community, a part that provides very essential help and support to people in need. Carol’s sculpture seemed to be a good fit with the ethos of JewishCare..”

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