Friday, 3 May 2013

Are you looking for something FUN to do!

JewishCare provides seniors programs in the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. The programs are designed for seniors with different needs, wants and to help them stay connected, meet new people and participate in a range of activities:
- Club 50
- The Burger Centre
- Cremorne Group

Click for more information on any of the above seniors programs offered by JewishCare.
The Aged Case Work and Assessment Team often refers people to one or more seniors programs due to the many positive benefits. The seniors programs aim to reduce isolation, loneliness and lack of stimulation by providing regular social groups which provide a sense of belonging, mutual support and cohesiveness amongst all.
The Aged Case Work Team recommends you check out the following calender that clearly states programs that are available 6 days a weeks at  a variety of groups/programs:Club 50, The Burger Centre and COA Sydney
For more information on a particular group call one or more of the following numbers below:
JewishCare: FirstCall: Tell 1300 133 660
The Burger Centre: Tel 8345 9147 or
COA Sydney: Tell 9389 0035 or

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