Friday, 21 June 2013

Christmas with Israel

As you know JewishCare supports people with a disability and endeavours to make sure they are able to lead active and fulfilling lives.

As a child Jonathon liked to ride horses and his mother thought that he might enjoy riding again so JewishCare’s staff set out to make this happen for him. They found that the equestrian centre in Moore Park had suitable horses and leaders in a program called ‘Rideability’ and support person Ciaran accompanied him.

“The first time it took him a few minutes to mount the horse but each time he gets more confident and he is now quite relaxed and confident around the horse whose name, ironically is Christmas. So far we have just walked around the stables but soon we will be
able to cross the road and walk in Centennial Park”, Ciaran said

Read in our latest newsletter - JewishCare Matters about how Christmas (the horse) helps Jonathon (Israel) -

JewishCare aims to maximize the opportunities for people with disabilities to ensure that they are able to lead the best life they possibly can. 

JewishCare currently supports up to 100 people with a range of disabilities.

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