Friday, 28 June 2013

Have you heard of ‘Lines of Love’ by Alexandra Ehrenberg?

Lines of Love ...what a sweet project

Alexandra Ehrenberg is a Psychologist and artist who had a number of war time love letters and decided to collated and transcribed them for others to read in the hope that it will spark a shift in how people address and show their feelings for one another. 
The letters were printed in poster sizes and posted around places in Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and Potts Point in May 2013. Some letters have been taken down but some still exist so keep an eye out if you are around these areas of Sydney. To find out more about Alexandra's work and read some of these wonderful love letters check out 'Lines of Love'. 

Have you ever received such an amazing love letter?

The Aged Case Work Team though that we would highlight  Alexandra's work as many of our clients or other people in the community can relate to this style of letter writing from a period when letter writing was the main form of communication.


Alexandra has been accepted to have her work shown in an upcoming festival ‘Art & About Sydney' staring from September 20th to October 2013.
Have a look at her blog:


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