Monday, 29 July 2013

A great life with a few wrinkles – Dr Terrence Diamond

A great life with a few wrinkles is taking place at 3 Saber Street Woollahra on 4 August and will include a presentation by Dr Terence Diamond on ‘How to keep your body young’

Dr Diamond is a senior consultant in Endocrinology at SGH, the Head of the Metabolic Bone Unit and a Scientific Member of Osteoporosis Australia. His research interests include osteoporosis in men, acute vertebral fractures and malignant bone disease.

His passion for health has led to marathon runs to raise awareness of medical conditions and funding for medical research. In 2012 he ran seven marathons over a period of seven days to raise money for retinitis pigmentosa a condition affecting vision.

Terence is acknowledged as being a very entertaining as well as informative presenter so his presentation not to be missed.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Have you heard of Stress Down Day? 26th of July 2013 organised by Lifeline Australia

Tomorrow is Stress Down Day organised by Lifeline Australia

This year's theme is Dress to Stress Less! Lifeline is encouraging people to dress down tomorrow in support of Stress Down Day. 

Stress is the body's way of dealing with pressure. It is a human reaction to life’s demands.
When we experience a high level of pressure in regards to our health, family, cost of living, work or social connections it can trigger an increase in energy and alertness.

In many cases stress is a healthy human reaction as it helps us to cope and get through the event or situation in the best possible way. However, too much stress can affect our health, so it needs to be managed appropriately.

The Aged Case Work Team recommends you read Lifelines Coping with Stress Facts Sheet and effective Tips to Stress Less. 

Have a look at the 9 Things Happy People Do to Stress Less for some more ideas.

The Aged Case Work Team will be taking part in Stress Down Day by wearing casual comfy clothing to work :)

What will you wear?

Lifeline’s provides a 24 hour telephone crisis support line that you can
contact on 13 11 14

Monday, 22 July 2013

A great life with a few wrinkles - Dramatherapy Presentation

A great life with a few wrinkles will take place at 3 Saber Street Woollahra on 4 August will now include Lana Sussman Davis who will be presenting " The Gifts of Ageing: A Creative Exploration"

Lana is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, and a registered Dramatherapist, achieving her Masters degree in Drama & Movement Therapy (Sesame) at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London University.

“As a Dramatherapist I provide a safe space where the expression of feelings can be shared, and dealt with in a therapeutic manner. Dramatherapy allows a space for each person’s unique personality and experiences to come to life. Dramatherapy isn’t about mere stimulation, but is a therapeutic journey of self-discovery, sharing, and healing. We are ALL entitled to this journey, no matter what our age” said Lana

Why is Dramatherapy so helpful?

Sometimes the best way to work through a problem or difficulty is to ‘act it out’, ‘play with it’, ‘give this a go’. Dramathearpy is a ‘doing’ therapy that is action-orientated, allowing people’s problems and difficulties to be resolved more effectively. Much of the therapeutic work happens through the safe medium of art form which acts as a metaphor or ‘mirror’ to real life situations or emotions, allowing clients to gain insight into their inner reality and make way for new meaning and understanding.

Read more about  A great life with a few wrinkles on 4 August at Saber Street Woollahra

Friday, 19 July 2013

Top Tips for Winter Health provided by NSW Health

We are in the middle of Winter and this is a time when many of us are exposed to an increased risk of illness.

So what can we do to decrease our risks?

We can Check out Top Tips for Winter Health by NSW Health to find some useful tips to improve our health and wellbeing so we have a better chance of keeping those nasty germs at bay.

The Aged Case Work Team recommends that we follow some simple steps to improve our health and wellbeing not only during the Winter months but all year round!

Unsure of were to start? Do you need some support?

NSW Health’s Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service provides information, advice and support on healthy eating, being physically active, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. 

The Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service is a free service which can support you to eat healthier and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

To talk to a Get Healthy Service Coach call 1300 806 258 or visit

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What does DisabilityCare Australia really look like?

DisabilityCare Australia

Would you like to know more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or DisabilityCare Australia? What will the scheme do for you and the people in your life? How will it change the way in which services are delivered to people with disability in Australia?

Have a look at the videos on the DisabilityCare Australia website for information on the rollout of the scheme across the Sydney region (due to start mid 2016) as well as personal stories from Australians with a disability.

Leigh Creighton is the subject of one of the videos posted to the page. He tells us about his goals, hopes, and dreams for the future and how the scheme will assist him to achieve these. 

Visit the website (click on the link below) for more info and to watch the videos:

Monday, 15 July 2013

Learn how to lead a Great Life with a few Wrinkles

JewishCare presents:
A Great Life with a few Wrinkles - learn how to stay young and active at any age

Featuring the following great speakers:

1. Assoc. Professor Terry Diamond -  endocrinologist – How to keep your body young

2. Assoc. Prof Peter Gonski psycho-geriatrician - How to keep your mind young

3. Barrister Les Einstein founder of the Law Kitchen - How to protect your legal rights

4. Berwyn Lewis How to ‘ Write About Your Life’ – the benefits for the writer and their families

5. Lana Sussman Davis -  dramatherapist  -  " The Gifts of Ageing: A Creative Exploration

Sunday August 4 10am – 1pm

JewishCare 3 Saber Street Woollahra

Delicious refreshments will be served.

For more info call Zimra 8305 8028 or

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Diabetes Awareness Week is coming! 15th -21st of July 2013

            Keep an eye out for Diabetes Awareness Week
                                    15th - 21st of July 2013

Diabetes Awareness Week is aimed at raising awareness of diabetes.

Each year the Australian Diabetes Council focuses on the prevention of diabetes and its complications with a specific spotlight on a particular complication.

The theme of next week will be ‘Ages and stages with Diabetes', focusing on the Diabetes life-cycle and how it effects people through different stages of one's life.

The booklet contains valuable tips and information on practical ways that people with diabetes can manage their condition.

The Aged Case Work Team recommends that you keep yourself informed about the causes of diabetes and know the strategies to best manage diabetes by downloading and reading ‘Ages and stages with Diabetes' booklet. If you would like a printed copy of the booklet to be mailed to you, you can request one by calling the Australian Diabetes Council Customer Care Line on 1300 342 238.

Remember! people who don't have diabetes need to be informed too.

Previous years booklets are still available to download and read, they include the following topics:

· Diabetes and a Healthy Heart

· Diabetes and Eye Health

· Reducing the Risk of Developing Type 2

· Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Australian Diabetes Council's Customer Care Line 1300 342 238 can be used for anyone seeking support, services, information or advice regarding diabetes.

Do you want to test you knowledge on Diabetes? DIABETES KNOWLEDGE QUIZ
There are only 14 quick questions to answer!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Personal alarm systems are a real life saver!

Personal alarm systems are a real life saver!   

Personal alarm systems enable people to live with greater confidence, peace of mind and dignity in their own homes knowing that help is available at the press of a button, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are a number of providers that supply telephone based emergency response systems in NSW. These systems provide safety and security, and are monitored 24 hours a day by personnel who initiate the response to your emergency.

The Aged Case Work Team has seen the benefits of personal alarm systems as they help people to live more independently and active lives with out the worry of what if... our team regularly refers clients  to the best providers for their needs .
To see an extensive list of providers of 24 hour monitored alarms and options for non monitored alarms available you may like to see The Seniors Enquiry Line