Monday, 22 July 2013

A great life with a few wrinkles - Dramatherapy Presentation

A great life with a few wrinkles will take place at 3 Saber Street Woollahra on 4 August will now include Lana Sussman Davis who will be presenting " The Gifts of Ageing: A Creative Exploration"

Lana is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, and a registered Dramatherapist, achieving her Masters degree in Drama & Movement Therapy (Sesame) at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London University.

“As a Dramatherapist I provide a safe space where the expression of feelings can be shared, and dealt with in a therapeutic manner. Dramatherapy allows a space for each person’s unique personality and experiences to come to life. Dramatherapy isn’t about mere stimulation, but is a therapeutic journey of self-discovery, sharing, and healing. We are ALL entitled to this journey, no matter what our age” said Lana

Why is Dramatherapy so helpful?

Sometimes the best way to work through a problem or difficulty is to ‘act it out’, ‘play with it’, ‘give this a go’. Dramathearpy is a ‘doing’ therapy that is action-orientated, allowing people’s problems and difficulties to be resolved more effectively. Much of the therapeutic work happens through the safe medium of art form which acts as a metaphor or ‘mirror’ to real life situations or emotions, allowing clients to gain insight into their inner reality and make way for new meaning and understanding.

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