Thursday, 11 July 2013

Diabetes Awareness Week is coming! 15th -21st of July 2013

            Keep an eye out for Diabetes Awareness Week
                                    15th - 21st of July 2013

Diabetes Awareness Week is aimed at raising awareness of diabetes.

Each year the Australian Diabetes Council focuses on the prevention of diabetes and its complications with a specific spotlight on a particular complication.

The theme of next week will be ‘Ages and stages with Diabetes', focusing on the Diabetes life-cycle and how it effects people through different stages of one's life.

The booklet contains valuable tips and information on practical ways that people with diabetes can manage their condition.

The Aged Case Work Team recommends that you keep yourself informed about the causes of diabetes and know the strategies to best manage diabetes by downloading and reading ‘Ages and stages with Diabetes' booklet. If you would like a printed copy of the booklet to be mailed to you, you can request one by calling the Australian Diabetes Council Customer Care Line on 1300 342 238.

Remember! people who don't have diabetes need to be informed too.

Previous years booklets are still available to download and read, they include the following topics:

· Diabetes and a Healthy Heart

· Diabetes and Eye Health

· Reducing the Risk of Developing Type 2

· Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Australian Diabetes Council's Customer Care Line 1300 342 238 can be used for anyone seeking support, services, information or advice regarding diabetes.

Do you want to test you knowledge on Diabetes? DIABETES KNOWLEDGE QUIZ
There are only 14 quick questions to answer!

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