Monday, 15 July 2013

Learn how to lead a Great Life with a few Wrinkles

JewishCare presents:
A Great Life with a few Wrinkles - learn how to stay young and active at any age

Featuring the following great speakers:

1. Assoc. Professor Terry Diamond -  endocrinologist – How to keep your body young

2. Assoc. Prof Peter Gonski psycho-geriatrician - How to keep your mind young

3. Barrister Les Einstein founder of the Law Kitchen - How to protect your legal rights

4. Berwyn Lewis How to ‘ Write About Your Life’ – the benefits for the writer and their families

5. Lana Sussman Davis -  dramatherapist  -  " The Gifts of Ageing: A Creative Exploration

Sunday August 4 10am – 1pm

JewishCare 3 Saber Street Woollahra

Delicious refreshments will be served.

For more info call Zimra 8305 8028 or

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