Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What does DisabilityCare Australia really look like?

DisabilityCare Australia

Would you like to know more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or DisabilityCare Australia? What will the scheme do for you and the people in your life? How will it change the way in which services are delivered to people with disability in Australia?

Have a look at the videos on the DisabilityCare Australia website for information on the rollout of the scheme across the Sydney region (due to start mid 2016) as well as personal stories from Australians with a disability.

Leigh Creighton is the subject of one of the videos posted to the page. He tells us about his goals, hopes, and dreams for the future and how the scheme will assist him to achieve these. 

Visit the website (click on the link below) for more info and to watch the videos:

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