Thursday, 22 August 2013

Community Transport supports people to continue living independently in their community

Community Transport supports elderly people and people who have a disability with difficulties in using conventional public transport. Carers are also welcome to use Community Transport to assist the person they care for while traveling.

Community Transport helps people by providing access to recreation, shopping, medical care, social services and social contact.

The Aged Case Work Team recommends Community Transport as it assists people in need and helps people to maintain their independence.
Other benefits provided by Community Transport are:

· Providing cost effective services
· Providing modified vehicles which contain: hand rails, safety steps and some vehicles have wheel chair assess
· Giving people appropriate times to enter and exit the vehicles

Their staff are trained to support the needs of people who use their service/s.


If you would like to find out about Community Transport in your area have a look at the NSW Government community transport organisation contact list.

You can always speak to your local council to find out who provides Community Transport in your area and to discuss eligibility.