Monday, 21 October 2013

What Chicken Soup Can't Cure 10 November 2013

The Mental Health Expo on 10 November at Emanuel School features some great entertainment and information that is important for every family in the community.
There will be talks by leading professionals including Darrell Williams who is CEO of East Sydney Medicare Local

There have been a number of changes to the way the health system operates and these have relevance for the treatment of mental health  and could impact on every person with mental health issues and their families.
Darrell will be discussing the process involved in accessing psychological services via your GP, eHealth and electronic record keeping.

It will be the biggest such event that our community has held which will increase awareness about mental health and provide information on how to lead a healthier life with and an improved sense of well being. 

There will be presentations, talks and information as well as entertainment by performers including the Voice Finalists – Nick Kingswell and Rob Edwards and Kayne Tremills from ABC program Bushwacked.

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