Friday, 22 November 2013

Have you heard of Computer Pals for Seniors?

Computer Pals for Seniors is a voluntary organisation formed in August 1999.

All Committee members and tutors are volunteers. The aim of the association is to help seniors learn computer skills. All tutors are seniors and because of this they understand the needs of seniors.

Computer Pals for Seniors is located at 30 Ebley Street Bondi Junction.

Following are some of the courses available at Computer Pals for Seniors:

-Introduction to computers

-Microsoft Windows stages 1 & 2

-Microsoft Word

-Microsoft  Excell

-Microsoft Power Point



   -Microsoft publisher

   -Social media: Facebook, Ebay
    and Skype

   -Family history

   -Greeting cards

Enrolment for semester 1 is on the 21st and 23 rd of January between 10am-3 pm.

Semester 1 commences on the week of the 3rd of February 2014.

Computer Pals also has a meeting once every three months. At these meetings they endeavour to have a guest speaker to talk on matters relating to seniors.

For more information contact Nannette Neeson on: 91304053

Monday, 18 November 2013

White Ribbon Day Men's Breakfast 25th November

White Ribbon Day, the international day for elimination of violence against women falls on 25th November and JewishCare will again be holding its Annual Men's Breakfast

This will be the fifth Men's Breakfast that JewishCare has staged and the event has grown significantly. The first Men's Breakfast which was held in the Board Room started with 30 people and now this year well over 100 men are expected to attend. The event will be held in the Community Lounge  at Saber Street where the first woman will deliver the keynote address, none other than former Democrat leader and currently Chair of the Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women, Natasha Stott Despoja AM.

JewishCare previously extended the Men's Breakfast to a campaign known as 16 Days, 16 Rabbis and 16 Synagogues which encouraged 16 Rabbis to prioritise the topic of domestic violence to their congregations for a period of 16 Days.  Such has been the success of this campaign that this year over 30 Rabbis will be involved.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Have you heard of Sustainable households by the NSW Government's Environment and Heritage?

Environment and Heritage by The NSW Government has provided this great resource called Sustainable households.

Sustainable households provides environmental, energy, water and many other tips on saving in the following areas:

-Smarter Choice
-Recycling and waste
-Building and renovating

They also provide information on:

- Council clean ups in your area
- Where and when you can get rid of unwanted house hold chemicals, batteries or light globes
- How to make better make use of your groceries and create less waste
- What appliances use less energy and water

These tips don’t guarantee a decrease in your energy, gas or water consumption.

Find out more about household sustainability:

Friday, 8 November 2013

Mental Health Expo - 'What Chicken Soup Can't Cure'

This Sunday's mental health expo (What Chicken Soup Cant' Cure) is on rain or shine!!!

Over Twenty leading organisations involved in Mental Health and Wellbeing will be represented on the day. 

These include:

Black Dog Institute
East Sydney Suicide Prevention Network
Waverley Council
East Sydney Medicare Local 
Eastern Suburbs Aftercare
Mission Australia
Benevolent Society
Our Big Kitchen
Mental Health Association of NSW
Phams (Anglicare)
Neami Pagewood/Darlinghurse
Waverley Drug and alcohol
Maroubra Area Health
Sydney Clinic (Ramsay)
COPMI (Children of Parents with Mental Illness) SA
Carers NSW
Salvation Army
Wolper Jewish Hospital
Masada High School
Mental Health Coordinating Council
Richmond Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
Kingsford Legal Centre
Haymarket Foundation
Sanctuary Respite Centre
Beyond Blue
Comprehensive Psychology
Jewish House

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Have you heard of the The MedicAlert® Foundation?

The MedicAlert Foundation was introduced to Australia in 1971 and is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing a 24/7 personal medical emergency information and identification service. 

The MedicAlert® emblem has been protecting Australians for 40 years and is instantly recognised and trusted by emergency services and healthcare professionals to relay critical - potentially lifesaving information when needed.  


MedicAlert® provides the following services:
  •  Identification emblems
The MedicAlert® emblem clearly displays the international medical symbol on the front with their 24/7 emergency contact number, peoples most critical medical conditions, allergies and if they have membership this number will be included. The emblems can be attached to a bracelet, chain, bangle, necklet or sportsband. 

The emblems can help medical professionals make a quick diagnosis or prevent incorrect medication or procedures being administered in emergency situations.
If a person is a member and some one wants to contact their next of kin in an emergency they can call MedicAlert® on the 24/7 emergency number which is located on the pendant.

MedicAlert® can also keep copies of peoples legal documents to support an advance directive.
MedicAlert's website has a great memory game called ‘Wear What Matters’ that anyone can play.

Even if you don’t need an identification emblem you may just like to Play
‘Wear What Matters’ to keep your memory sharp.

MedicAlert is not the only provider of identification services and there are other products on the market available to you.

This should not be considered an endorsement by JewishCare and we recommend that you speak to your GP before making any decisions.

For more information on MedicAlert® contact their FREECALL on 1800 88 22 22.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Mental Health Expo ('What Chicken Soup Cant Cure')

The Mental Health Expo ('What Chicken Soup Cant Cure') this Sunday (10 November) at Emanuel School will be a great event for the whole family. 

Whether you want information about mental health issues (we have Black Dog Institute and other leading organisations involved in Mental Health and Wellbeing) or you want to see two of The Voice finalists Rob Edwards and Nick Kingswell performing live with their bands or you want to have fun playing Putt Putt or other games or you want to see the amazing art works from the last Art Exhibition curated by Caroline Sherman or you want to do all of these things, come along between 11-2pm. 

Rob Edwards captured the ears and hearts of Australia on “The Voice 2″ 2013 talent show and  has remained a favorite for the soul music lovers -

and Nick Kingswell was mentored by Ricky Martin on the hit program, who he still keeps in touch with. ``Ricky's such a genuine, nice guy and he's always checking up on his team to see how we're doing," he said.

Remember it is on 'rain or shine'.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Understanding Internet and game addiction, when it is and isnt

Software misuse is not a behaviour that is separate to principles of human psychology. Just as bad habits form under specific conditions, so do good habits.

One reason that gaming and software use can be so compelling is because of the frequent and reliable direct and indirect rewards it gives the user - 

Come and hear psychologist and founder of Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic, Emil Hodzic talk about this important issue at 1pm this Sunday at Emanuel School Avoca Street Randwick.

Emil has previously shared some of his tips on dealing with problem gamer kids - so feel free to come along and ask all your questions!

Emil is just one of the presenters at 'What Chicken Soup Can't Cure'  - have a look at the day's schedule.

The presenters who will be coming on the day are:
 - Black Dog Institute
 - East Sydney Medicare Local

We will be using the hashtag #csoup2013 so feel free to use the hashtag to join in the conversation and share your thoughts or comments on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

See you then!