Friday, 22 November 2013

Have you heard of Computer Pals for Seniors?

Computer Pals for Seniors is a voluntary organisation formed in August 1999.

All Committee members and tutors are volunteers. The aim of the association is to help seniors learn computer skills. All tutors are seniors and because of this they understand the needs of seniors.

Computer Pals for Seniors is located at 30 Ebley Street Bondi Junction.

Following are some of the courses available at Computer Pals for Seniors:

-Introduction to computers

-Microsoft Windows stages 1 & 2

-Microsoft Word

-Microsoft  Excell

-Microsoft Power Point



   -Microsoft publisher

   -Social media: Facebook, Ebay
    and Skype

   -Family history

   -Greeting cards

Enrolment for semester 1 is on the 21st and 23 rd of January between 10am-3 pm.

Semester 1 commences on the week of the 3rd of February 2014.

Computer Pals also has a meeting once every three months. At these meetings they endeavour to have a guest speaker to talk on matters relating to seniors.

For more information contact Nannette Neeson on: 91304053

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