Thursday, 7 November 2013

Have you heard of the The MedicAlert® Foundation?

The MedicAlert Foundation was introduced to Australia in 1971 and is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing a 24/7 personal medical emergency information and identification service. 

The MedicAlert® emblem has been protecting Australians for 40 years and is instantly recognised and trusted by emergency services and healthcare professionals to relay critical - potentially lifesaving information when needed.  


MedicAlert® provides the following services:
  •  Identification emblems
The MedicAlert® emblem clearly displays the international medical symbol on the front with their 24/7 emergency contact number, peoples most critical medical conditions, allergies and if they have membership this number will be included. The emblems can be attached to a bracelet, chain, bangle, necklet or sportsband. 

The emblems can help medical professionals make a quick diagnosis or prevent incorrect medication or procedures being administered in emergency situations.
If a person is a member and some one wants to contact their next of kin in an emergency they can call MedicAlert® on the 24/7 emergency number which is located on the pendant.

MedicAlert® can also keep copies of peoples legal documents to support an advance directive.
MedicAlert's website has a great memory game called ‘Wear What Matters’ that anyone can play.

Even if you don’t need an identification emblem you may just like to Play
‘Wear What Matters’ to keep your memory sharp.

MedicAlert is not the only provider of identification services and there are other products on the market available to you.

This should not be considered an endorsement by JewishCare and we recommend that you speak to your GP before making any decisions.

For more information on MedicAlert® contact their FREECALL on 1800 88 22 22.

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