Monday, 4 November 2013

Understanding Internet and game addiction, when it is and isnt

Software misuse is not a behaviour that is separate to principles of human psychology. Just as bad habits form under specific conditions, so do good habits.

One reason that gaming and software use can be so compelling is because of the frequent and reliable direct and indirect rewards it gives the user - 

Come and hear psychologist and founder of Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic, Emil Hodzic talk about this important issue at 1pm this Sunday at Emanuel School Avoca Street Randwick.

Emil has previously shared some of his tips on dealing with problem gamer kids - so feel free to come along and ask all your questions!

Emil is just one of the presenters at 'What Chicken Soup Can't Cure'  - have a look at the day's schedule.

The presenters who will be coming on the day are:
 - Black Dog Institute
 - East Sydney Medicare Local

We will be using the hashtag #csoup2013 so feel free to use the hashtag to join in the conversation and share your thoughts or comments on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

See you then!

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