Monday, 20 January 2014

Mental Health Initiative

Our Mental Health team is involved in a major government initiative which aims to improve the overall health of all Australians. 

Eastern Suburbs Medicare Local (ESML) is one of 61 primary health care organisations introduced under the Australia wide National Health Reform which is funded by Department of Health Ageing. The core objective is to improve the primary health care journey for patients and health professionals throughout the region.

ESML region has a population of approx 400,000 residents, covering 5 local government areas, including Sydney CBD, Botany Bay, Waverley and Woollahra.

An important role of ESML is to implement a new mental health program called Partners in Recovery  (PIR).

Along with other key Non Government mental health programs in the area ESML approached JewishCare to help map the unmet needs of clients. As a member of the PIR consortium committee Claire Gil-Munoz (JewishCare’s Manager Mental Health Services) attended many meetings to assist.
“This is an important task as I know we have clients who will benefit from this initiative “ said Claire 

The target group will be people experiencing a severe and persistent mental illness who will benefit from a more coordinated approach from support services.
The ESML team held their first team meeting at JewishCare last week.

If you need to find out more about this initiative call FirstCallJewishCare on 1300 133 660.


PIR team with JewishCare’s Manager Mental Health Services, Claire Gil-Munoz