Thursday, 27 February 2014

Did you know that Seniors Week is coming? 15th – 23rd March 2014 :)

In 2014, NSW Seniors Week will be turning 56 years young and the NSW Government, community and commercial organisations will be holding hundreds of free or discounted events across NSW between 15 - 23 March.


If you’re over 60, why not try something different for senior’s week this year!
With the theme Live Life, it’s the perfect opportunity to get involved in activities that encourage healthy, active and independent living within your community. 

What: ‘Active Living’
Where: Bondi Junction Plaza, Oxford Street, Bondi junction
When: Monday 17th March 10am – 2pm
Cost: Free!
This event offers an enjoyable Active Living Expo, Forever Fabulous photo exhibition, a performance by the Seniors Choir and other activities for seniors in the Eastern suburbs.

What: ‘Life Begins at 60 – Seniors Expo”
Where: Burger Centre – 120 King Street, Randwick
When: Sunday 23rd March 10.30am-3.30pm
Cost: Free!
Get informed on the services in the Eastern suburbs, appliance demonstrations, travel videos and speakers.

What: ‘Have a Go and Be Active’
When: Thursday 20 th March 10.30am-2.15pm
Where: Ryde Ex-serviceman Club, Youth Sports Centre, 724 Victoria rd, Ryde
Cost: $3 (covers events and lunch)
Come for a badminton match, gentle exercise and a dance show

If these events don’t appeal to you, go on the Seniors Week website or pick up a Seniors Week program guide from your local Woolworths store to find an event that suits you!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The True Beauty of Ageing :)

As we get older we often become so consumed with trying to overcome the difficulties and challenges that come with age that we forgot the true beauty!

Growing older is not for sissies but no longer should we allow our abilities or disabilities to define us. We need to change our current view of ageing by changing our focus from ‘anti-ageing’ to ‘positive ageing’.

This is important as it has been proven that positive thinking increases the length and quality of life.

Growing up we devote our lives to making money, being successful and living ‘the dream’ and we often forget about the truly important things in life.

We are convinced that beauty is determined by youth and physical appearance when really it is about our happiness and appreciation of life. With age comes understanding; maturity and a wisdom that cannot be taught but acquired through experienced.

Once we reach this magical age we really begin to live. We truly value our loved ones and see the world as it should be seen - with our eyes wide open!

While we have no control over getting older, we do have control over HOW we get older.


While we have no control over getting older, we do have control over HOW we get older.

5 positive ways to prolong our lives – the enjoyable way!

EAT – Enjoy the finer things in life. It has been proven that dark chocolate, cocoa and nuts contain antioxidants that can extend your life

DRINK – Try new teas or add citrus and mint to your water. Red wine (in moderation) has been proven to have positive effects on ageing due to a substance called resveratrol

LOVE – Spending more time with your friends and family reduces isolation and keeps the mind and body healthy and happy

RELAX – Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep and taking time out to rest throughout the week in order to allow your body to re-energize

PLAY – Try something new. Get involved in
meditation or a new club

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

NDIS Webinar: A Strong Voice: Self-Advocacy

Join the #NDISwebinar the third NDIS Webinar on the 27 February 2014.
‘A Strong Voice’ will focus on self-advocacy, and how people with disability take control of their own lives to speak for themselves with greater confidence. 
NDIA's panel of guests will discuss ways that self-advocacy has helped them to make informed choices about their reasonable and necessary supports and achieve their personal goals as valued, contributing, and included members of the community. 
Strong self-advocates will bring stories from their own lives and share with you their insights into self-advocacy as part of a panel discussion. 
Their guests will answer questions about how to build self-advocacy into your own life.
On Thursday 27 February 2014 at 12:00pm (AEST), the NDIA invites people with disability, family members, carers, advocates, support providers, and community members to join the discussion online and contribute to the conversation. 

Please register your attendance at or phone 1800 800 110. 
On the day you can join the webinar here NDIS Webinar – ‘A Strong Voice: Self-Advocacy’. You can test your connection before the webinar using this test link.
Take part in the conversation. Online viewers can contribute to the conversation by submitting questions and comments to,  following the NDIA Twitter conversation and joining in by using the hashtag #NDISWEBINAR or via the Livechat facility.
Have a look at their website for more information.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Brain Training Sites and Games

Cognitive training is like physical exercise for the brain!

It is important to keep stimulating our brain as we age.

Here are some websites to get you started:

- Lumosity is a website that features several different brain training games. Players are encouraged to create a profile that allows them to track their progress and play certain games that target mental flexibility, memory, problem solving, speed and attention. The idea is that performing these tasks regularly will help "train" your brain to function more effectively.

- Cambridge Brain Sciences Inc provides 14 different games that test one of the following: memory, reasoning, concentration and planning.

-Cognitive Fun provides numerous games under the following 5 headings:
attention , perceptual, executive, item span, memory and experimental.

-The Cognitive Aging Laboratory provides 11 links to online cognitive games that they have found useful.

The Aged Case Work Team recommends brain training games to keep your brain sharp!