Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Yom Hashoah 2014

This year's Yom Hashoah ceremony was attended by over 20 members of the community who were all directly involved in the Shoah.

Rabbi Blackman spoke about his experience with Survivors and interpretations regarding  how the concept of g-d sanctioning all human behaviour can be understood against genocidal behaviour over the centuries. 

Afterwards, all the attendees were invited to light a candle and say a prayer or mention who they had lost. 

Finally a clip was played of The Chief Chazan from IDF singing at Yad Vashem.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Off to the Blue Mountains!

We are off to the Blue Mountains!

The mental health team does not stop! Next week, two staff members are escorting 5 clients for a 3 day getaway trip!

We are looking forward to viewing the Three Sisters, eating lovely dinners, and all the scenic tours!

Image: The iconic Three Sisters http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/NationalParks/parkHome.aspx?id=N0004

Stay tuned for pictures and updates to come! 

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Mental Health Team Connects with other Services

A Mental Health Staff Member attended the Partners In Recovery (PIR) official Launch!!

PIR is starting to be used by JewishCare as a service provider in enabling an appropriate Mental Health Recovery Journey for our clients.

“Eastern Sydney and Partners in Recovery work together with people experiencing severe and persistent mental illness to access the services they need to support their recovery”

Mental Health Staff member with PIR Team Leader
JewishCare Mental Health Staff are now able to use PIR to assist clients to connect to a combination of services and support through a client centered and holistic environment. Such supports include Income Support Services, Housing Support, Peer Support, Legal Services, Social Groups, Education, and Employment advice and many more!

For more information click here

The launch was a great success and the Mental Health Team look forward to working with PIR in the future!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Have you heard of the NSW Government’s ''Get it in black & white' Planning ahead tool?

Get it in black & white is a planning ahead tool for future legal, health, and financial decisions by the NSW Government.

JewishCare's Aged Case Work Team recommends the NSW Goverment's planning ahead tool as it clearly sets out and describes the purpose of the following legal documents:

Prepare a Will
Make a Power of Attorney
Appoint an Enduring Guardian
Advance Care Planning
Common Questions
More Information

Each of the 6 points above includes a short video that contains important information and some people's personal stories about their experiences of having or not having certain documents in place for a loved one.

For more information on planning ahead you can contact: 1300 887 529 - or check out their website - http://www.planningaheadtools.com.au/

Friday, 4 April 2014

Money Minded Facilitators!

Have you heard of Money Minded Training? We are now Facilitators!!

Members of the Mental Health Team undertook a two day comprehensive training in Money Mindness. 

This training enabled team members with more insight into strategies to help with our clients financial situations if needed.

The Benevolent Society is currently offering MoneyMinded facilitator training to those working in community services and education. This training enables you to empower both yourself and your clients to feel more in control with conversations about money.

As they state MoneyMinded is a financial education program developed by ANZ. It transforms ‘money management’ from something complex and overwhelming into simple ideas and habits that can help your clients deal with everyday money issues in a fun, practical and non confronting way.”

For more information visit our Jewish Care Facebook Page or the Benevolent Society for more information.