Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Have you heard of the NSW Government’s ''Get it in black & white' Planning ahead tool?

Get it in black & white is a planning ahead tool for future legal, health, and financial decisions by the NSW Government.

JewishCare's Aged Case Work Team recommends the NSW Goverment's planning ahead tool as it clearly sets out and describes the purpose of the following legal documents:

Prepare a Will
Make a Power of Attorney
Appoint an Enduring Guardian
Advance Care Planning
Common Questions
More Information

Each of the 6 points above includes a short video that contains important information and some people's personal stories about their experiences of having or not having certain documents in place for a loved one.

For more information on planning ahead you can contact: 1300 887 529 - or check out their website - http://www.planningaheadtools.com.au/

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