Friday, 30 May 2014

Changing perceptions of older people

DPS Publishing recently wrote about a grant that had been won by Assistant Professor Gabrielle Brand, UWA lecturer and researcher, in collaboration with Professor Christopher Etherton-Beer, Associate Professor Rosemary Saunders and Assistant Professor Helen Dugmore.

The grant was received from the WA Nurses Memorial Centre Charitable Trust to evaluate the use of photographs as a teaching and learning tool with a group of UWA medical and nursing students.

This research will examine if pictures can help nursing and medical students begin to ‘see' older people in a different light.

The researchers believe the photographs will provide nurses and medical students with a clearer understanding of the person’s life. They will view photos of the patient in their stronger years, through their achievements and challenges. They hope that the photos will spark more meaningful conversations, develop stronger connections, increase respect and improve patient’s quality of life.

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