Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fashion through the decades!

JewishCare's Aged Care Work Team loves the work of a Annalisa Hartlaub who is a16-year-old American University student who decided to created a series of photos that sent her back in time to flaunt some of the most notable fashions of the last century.

Annalisa's pictures range from the 1930's and every decade up until 2010.
Besides her careful attention to makeup, detail, and historical fashion sense Annalisa also made sure that the images themselves would all look like photographs from their respective eras.
This project gives us the opportunity to examine decades of fashion evolution in a matter of minutes and come to truly appreciate just how much fashion diversity has changed over the eras.

When we read about this charming project it stated "Have you ever wondered what you might have looked like as a hippie in the 70s or as a flapper in the roaring 20s" and we realised that many of our clients don't have to imagine as they most likely followed some of these fantastic trends!
We hope these photos bring back some memorable memories for you.

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