Friday, 2 May 2014

Our Trip to the Blue Mountains

Our Mental Health Staff members just returned from the BLUE MOUNTAINS with some of our clients.

It was a wonderful trip which promoted positive wellbeing, created a sense of independence and responsibility, and, above all it was a chance to connect with nature, develop new friendships, and empower our clients to create meaning in their daily lives!!!

We spent a lovely two and a half days up in the Mountains. Staying at Katoomba, we had access to a number of different beautiful towns and villages and took hikes down Wentworth Falls, went to Echo Point to see the Three Sisters, and up on Sunset Rock in Mount Victoria to watch the sunset.

Our clients loved every minute of the trip! We were in a relaxing supportive environment where everyone was able to make good conversations, enjoy dinner over a BBQ and play pool with the locals.

We visited the town of Leura , where we drank delicious hot chocolate in the local cafes, and we all loved experiencing the culture of the small village in this Autumn time. We took amazing photographs overlooking the entire mountains at sunset - every one of our clients agreed was that the trip was certainly an experience they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

This Mental Health Initiative was a chance for the staff to promote positive wellbeing for every individual and collectively as a group. 

It was a great success with such positive feedback - Stay tuned for more pictures, or visit our Jewish Care Facebook Page!!

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