Friday, 6 June 2014

Generation Next

Last week a member from the Mental Health and Well being program attended the GenerationNext Convention!

It was an amazing day with a lot of great talks, some of which included:

· The Impact of Technology on the Developing Brain
· Containing the ripple effects of Suicide
· Internet addiction
· Anxiety in young people – Prevent anxiety and Sadness
· Cultivating Self Esteem rather than Ego

One interesting performance was the use of Mental Stillness – focussing one’s attention and enhancing awareness of the present moment. It allows the mediator to perceive a distinction between themselves and any negative thoughts or feelings that they may have. The aim it to ultimately arrive at a state of complete inner silence.

The instructor at the convention made the audience take part in a 15 minute demonstration of Mental Stillness. It was a pretty unreal experience being in a hall with 1300 people, all with their shoes off, eyes closed and arms across their chest listening to music and following the instructions! It was an amazing eperience to observe a crowded hall in complete silence!

There were many many different resources available to collect at the breaks including Headspace, Beyond Blue, MindMatters, inrhythm drumming, and many more.

here for more details!

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