Monday, 30 June 2014

Mental Health Youth Survey

In 2013, 14,461 young Australians aged 15-19 years participated in Mission Australia’s Youth Survey – In association with the Black Dog institute.

The survey collected information on a broad range of issues, including levels of psychological distress in young people. For the full results download the Mission Australia Youth Survey 2013.

 Some findings:

 · Females were almost twice as likely as males to meet criteria for having a probable mental illness (26.2% compared to 13.8%)

 · Young people with a probable serious mental illness were around 5 times more likely to express serious concerns about depression (57% compared to 11.5%) and suicide (35.3% compared to 6.8%) than young people without a probable serious mental illness.

 · Over 60% of young people with a probable serious mental illness were not comfortable seeking information, advice or support from professional services such as telephone hotlines, online counselling and/or community agencies.

             Mission Australia and The Black Dog Institute

These statistics reinforce a need to ensure that young people have adequate and early access to age appropriate mental health education and services:

 · Targeting mental health in schools through awareness and early intervention programs

 · Promoting peer education and support

 · Reducing stigma that may prevent help seeing behavior in young people

 · Ensuring a whole of community focus on prevention and early intervention

 · Use of online initiatives to improve access, appeal and affordability of mental health services.

 · Building a better understanding of mental health issues among families and those working with young people.

Mental Health and Wellbeing could apply to you! 

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