Thursday, 5 June 2014

Person Centred Practice

You may have heard about the practice of person centred thinking (PCT). What is it and how does it impact on JewishCare and its clients?

PCT refers to a variety of approaches that include:

  • Acknowledging that the person receiving the help and their family are the primary authorities on what they need.
  • Working collaboratively with the families involved to define what outcomes they want to achieve
  • Learning through shared action i.e. to see what works and what does not 
  • Valuing and emphasising the strengths of the person 
  • Using all available personal and community resources
While JewishCare has always taken a very person centred and holistic approach, changes to government funding especially in respect to disability (including mental heath) and aged care has motivated us to focus more formally and comprehensively involved with this concept.

As a result everyone in the organisation is completing training on Person Centred Thinking.

This includes not just the staff who deal with clients but all staff including Administration, PR, and Accounting staff.

‘Everyone is on board’ to ensure that JewishCare remains the leading provider in our community.

Everyone at JewishCare is completing training on Person Centred Thinking

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