Monday, 30 June 2014

Suicide Prevention

Since its onset in 2011 JewishCare’s Mental Health and Well-Being Program has been committed to the development of East Sydney Suicide Prevention Network (ESSPN) by having a staff member attend regular meetings currently chaired by Michael Palmer, Reverend at St Michael’s Anglican Church.

ESSPN is a group of concerned people and organisations in the Eastern suburbs community working together to increase awareness about the devastating losses associated with death by suicide.

 The network consists of members from Woollahra Council, Rose Bay LAC, Carers NSW, Anglicare, Wesley Life Force, Bondi Community Health centre, local congregants and residents are just a brief list of supporters.

National Council of Jewish Women granted ESSPN $2,000 that will be presented to Isabelle Shapiro, Vice Chair Person of ESSPN and Paula Story, Treasurer for ESSPN.

JewishCare hosted this month's meeting at their Saber Street premises

ESSPN Suicide Prevention Walk takes place on Sunday 14th September 2014, details can be found on their FaceBook page.

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