Thursday, 21 August 2014

Have you heard of The Little Bay Coast Centre for Seniors 'Classical Music Appreciation Group'?

For all lovers of Jazz, Swing, Classical, Blues, and much more The Little Bay Coast Centre for Seniors runs a ‘Classical Music Appreciation Group’ every Tuesday morning!

When: Tuesday from 10am-12pm.

Where: The Little Bay Coast Centre for Seniors

Ward 3, Prince Henry Site, Corner Pine Avenue and Ewing Avenue Little Bay, NSW 2036

For more details contact The Little Bay Coast Centre for Seniors on: 9311 4886

Have a look at their timetable -  as they run many other exciting activities that you may be interested in browsing.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Mental Health Professional Network Meeting

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Team hosted the "Mental Health Professional Network Meeting" last Thursday in the Jewish Care Community Lounge. This meeting is one of the quarterly times that the Inner & Eastern Sydney Transcultural Network Group meet to inform other service users on information or resources that may benefit their organisation.

The presentation covered:

- Asylum seekers in our communities
- Pathways to Community Detention for UAM’S... (Unaccompanied Minors)
- Assistance in the community
- Effect on UAM’S based on past and recent policy
- Family Reunification
- Current state and outlook

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There were 3 speakers who are currently employed as Red Cross’ Case Coordinators for the UAM program for the last 12 months.

One of the speakers work extensively as a case worker and program developer for Youth Engagement programs in both Homelessness, Out of Home Care, and more recently the Asylum Seeker support programs at Red Cross. He enjoys focusing his work on the interests and development of today’s Youth.

Another speaker has a Bachelor of Social Science (in Counselling and Social Welfare) and a Master’s of Social Work. Experience working in Early Psychosis and Community Mental Health, she has worked with Red Cross for 2 years in the Migration Support Program – Community Detention. She has always been interested in the work that can be done with young people that are seeking asylum and young people with mental health concerns.

The meeting was extremely informative where the speakers provided great insight into their programs and initiated discussions around transition of UAM’s and the limitations, barriers and challenges faced amongst this targeted population. Approximately 25 individuals attended.

This group is one of the many that the Jewish Care’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Group are a part of. These meetings provide the team with great opportunities to network with other service users and gain information about other available resources that may be useful for Jewish Care’s Mental Health Team.

For more information about other groups that the Mental Health Team are part of please contact Jewish Care on 1300 133660