Monday, 29 December 2014

2014 International Recognition of JewishCare NSW

We received international recognition for our ‘inclusion’ work for people with a disability, when the USA based Ruderman Foundation awarded us a $US 50,000 award. The award relates to the fact that 30% of links in the Big Brother Big Sister program involved a Little with a disability. We were very proud that this award received international media attention. 

The Big Brother Big Sister program was involved in an attempt to record a Guinness Book of Records World Record for the numbers in a 3 legged race. This was part of the 321 project. 

During the year, our Mental Health and Wellbeing program was heavily involved in Mental Health Month and partnered with many other organisations and participated in 7 community events. It also hosted the interagency meeting on the 1st October with a talk by Professor Mitchell.

JewishCare hosted the inaugural Jewish Youth Interagency in August, with members from 7 different Jewish organisations attending. These included JewishCare, Kids Giving Back, Shalom College, Jewish House, Shalom Institute, Mandelbaum House, and The Friendship Circle. Future joint educational events and networking opportunities are planned.

The 2014 White Ribbon Day Men's Breakfast in November, which aims to reduce domestic violence was the biggest ever with over 120 attendees listening to guest speaker Michael Flood.

JewishCare played its role in the Shabbat Project by hosting its largest Shabbat dinner for the Mental Health and Wellbeing program.

JewishCare continued to help hundreds of older members of the community to stay in their own homes. JewishCare's close ties with The Claims Conference also continue to help Holocaust Survivors especially as the guidelines for help change. 

A new Friendship Club for active older people in Maroubra is in the process of being established at the Maroubra Synagogue. 

Did you know there are 5 ways of getting help from us? Watch this short animated video on ways that we can help you 

If you are interested in our Big Brother Big Sister program watch this short animated video

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