Friday, 20 February 2015

Social Work and JewishCare

The needs of older people are often more complex than they might first appear and sometimes its useful to talk things over with a professional.

JewishCare has a qualified and experienced team who are available to work with ageing people and their families, including carers who look after elderly family members.

Social Workers can also provide advocacy services as well as assisting you to access assistive devices and adapt your physical environment to help improve your quality of life and in home safety.

The program - - aims to enable older members of the community to live as independently as possible.

To do this JewishCare works closely with other organisations including:

Alzheimer’s Australia:
Independent Living Centre NSW

Workers from the Aged Casework team are also available to give talks and information sessions regarding supporting people with dementia and specific issues that may be important when caring for an older Jewish person, especially if that person is a Holocaust Survivor.

To find out more about JewishCare and our services please contact JewishCare FirstCall
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